Those who are already on that spiritual path will enjoy success. As believers, it will not be long before they start being inspired on how to make inroads and improvements in their lives. The regular utilization of translated sanskrit mantras is, as advised and taught, a necessary practice. Unlike other religions where a degree of prayer and devotion with thoughtful contemplation may be required, the recitation of sanskrit mantras on a daily basis helps bring devotees further enlightenment, personal growth and closeness to their chosen god/s or divine inspiration.

Finding inspiration in and learning from the Sanskrit language and its many mantras brings joy. There is awe and wonder in making new discoveries that lead towards wisdom and serenity. There are regular teachings and disciplines on how to be tolerant towards those not yet blessed or divinely inspired. In keeping with always maintaining the balance and harmony in this life, the success of others is also celebrated.

Gurus can elevate them as role models for others to follow while aligning the paths of successful people with the teachings provided. Exercises in taking long, patient journeys towards transformation are encourage. The promise of divine revelation along these journeys can be quite enticing for some. In order to derive much success from the use of these daily mantras, it is recommended that they be memorized.

A brief process of rote learning can assist in encouraging the improvement of spiritual awareness after spiritual lines and verses are known off by heart. Continuous repetition can lead towards spontaneity, although it must be said that no deviation from the mantras’ original lines is advised, let alone allowed. All lessons, devotions and background readings are widely available in CD and DVD formats.

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