That’s the most wonderful thing about being given a free reading at this time. We repeat for positive emphasis; there are no shrinks involved when an alternative psychological evaluation on your present station in life is given. There are no hidden surprises and stinkers lurking about the corner. When it comes to the shrinks, it’s usually over the very high bill, not always included in your inept medical plan. The shrinks involved are also known as psychiatrists and psychologists.

They are called by other names, sometimes not so nice, too. But listen to this, there are no shrinks involved when you go in for a free psychic reading to suss out your prospects for the future. Shrinks don’t always listen to what you have to say upfront. Sometimes they just pretend. Maybe there’s a better chance of you receiving some warmth and sincerity from this alternative form of basic psycho-analytical problem solving.

It’s in the stars, or it’s in nature. And as the most erudite psychic or pagan practitioner will tell you, if it’s in nature, it’s in the stars. A lot of what they forecast is based on careful and well-studied readings of what’s happening up there, if you will. It can take years of study and practice to reach that stage of making an accurate forecast. It does take years of client experience to be able to deliver a service which is empathetic.

In order to keep their cash registers flowing over for months at a time, sometimes even for years, the shrinks will keep suffering patients coming back for more pain. The good psychic does a once-off consultation. And it is left entirely up to you whether you would like to come back for more forecasts or evaluations.