Guitarists and Music Theory

One of the dilemmas of the guitarist is whether to study music theory or not. That question has an easy answer: in the world of the guitar as in any other instrument or skill, the more you learn the better you will be, and music theory can help you to improve as a guitarist regardless of the style you play.

We can discover how music works for ourselves through the instrument if we have the time and ability to do it, also with music theory for beginners books or with video tutorials on the internet.

Either way, here are a few reasons why you should know about music theory:

  • It Improves communication with other musicians. Knowing a little music theory helps you to interact with other musicians, no matter what instrument they play, they are all understood with musical language regardless of style.
  • Makes chord learning easier. Learning chords is one of the guitarist’s priorities and although you play for a lot of time you always find new positions that you have not seen before. Chords are based on formulas and knowing them helps to understand those positions and even create your own positions.
  • Learning scales improves your playing. As with the chords the knowledge of the scales implies understanding the “intervals” between the notes that form them as this defines their sound.
  • Music theory will help you to improvise your solos and write your own songs. Being able to express yourself or create songs with ease with the guitar is really important and a proof of the importance of music theory.
  • Music theory for beginners is never as simple as it seems, since it is like learning to speak a new language, so, give yourself time to understand it, learn the basics and that’s how you can be a better guitarist and musician.

New York jazz inspirations

Whether you are looking for something fresh in the city that never sleeps or wanting to improve upon your own music repertoire, always seek out new inspirations. As a New Yorker, being an avid jazz and classical music lover continues to have its spin-offs for you. There is no shortage of dives, jazz cellars, concert or music halls for you to treat your insomnia right into the early hours of the morning. Now, just because you have classified yourself as a struggling musician does not mean you have to continue engaging with your sleepless nights.

Working with your own lyrics, there may be some irony ahead. Why don’t you rephrase your words and refine your search for excellence. The irony is that you are surrounded by brilliant, if not, talented musicians, many of whom have been around the block a few times. Yet they have not yet been able to teach you something new. If it’s not about music lessons, you’re continuing in vain in your search for fresh inspiration.

Persistence is a great attribute for any jazz singer new york artiste or classical accompanist or soloist. By never giving up on your drive for new inspiration, marks you out as a true and dedicated artist. Further irony abounds. You have not yet been able to seek out an apt teacher for your much needed lessons in a city of hundreds of seasoned musicians. Right in your living room or at your composition desk, is the internet service provider.

Use this engine to refine your search for the perfect and most inspirational music teacher, a man or woman of many talents and with a worldly knowledge of a number of genres. Perhaps too, you would want a little voice training with someone who specializes in how to get the most out of your vocal chords.